Friday, January 25, 2013

Quran: A Poetic Translation

Quran: A Poetic Translation

I came across an interesting translation of the Quran. It was unlike any of the others I had read. This was the first one that attempts to transfer the eloquence of the original Arabic rhyme scheme to English. The author's name is Fazlollah Nikayan. I encourage you to purchase his book. The cheapest option:

Here, I will post the first 6 pages:



  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this, if you know urdu, I have urdu translation of Holy Quran in Poetry. if you want it please contact me

    1. Salam Aliykum Brother, Can you send me the link of it plz.

    2. Aslam u alekum brother.. can you send me urdu poetic translation of quran.. JAzaka Allah kahir
      whatsapp: 00923088565896

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  3. Kashif. I need urdu poetic translation of Glorious Quran my e mail id is please contact me as soon as possible.

  4. Assalamualaikum.. I am an Indonesian, thank you for sharing some pages of the book that I have been hunting for so long. I really need the whole e-book of this Quran poetic translation you shared, I didn't find this book in any book shop in my country, and it is quite difficult to purchase it on the link above since I am in Indonesia. Could you please contact me on email, here is my email thanks